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What Is The Use Of Scouring Pad?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The kitchen scouring pad that we use often can not only be used as a cleaning cloth for kitchen dishwashing pots, but also has many other uses.

1, pin cushion

Scouring pad is a sponge pad. The needle thread used in our homes. I don't know how to put it. I can consider using a scouring pad as a pin cushion. The needle is stuck on it and won't fall. It is better to take it.


2, Panyu, soap mat

In general, Panyu will have some water, and if it is placed directly in the Panyu box, there will be a lot of Panyu water flowing under the Panyu box. Then we can use scouring pad as a cushion and absorb the water from Panyu. In this case, it is very clean.

In the same way, soap can also be put this way.


3, pulling nails

Some families have nails on the wall, but when they want to pull out, some people are afraid of leaving indentations on the wall, so we can use scouring pad as a cushion, so that there is a wall A good maintenance function, when the nails are pulled, they are handcuffed.


4, remove the fluff

The clothes we usually wear, perhaps the furniture is soft, if there is fluff, it may be ugly, then we can use the scouring pad to clean, the effect is also good.


Similarly, some people wash their clothes, there is paper in the clothes, but they don't know. After washing the clothes and finding that the clothes are all confetti, then we can also use scouring pad to help clean.


5, finishing the window frame groove

Inside the slot of the window sash, it will be long and there will be simple dirt, but the cleaning time is not too clean, so we can cut the scouring pad into a groove and then clean it. It is.


6, clean the shutter door, blinds

In some home shoe cabinets, perhaps the windows use shutters and windows, which are very troublesome when cleaning, so many owners are reluctant to use such doors and windows to decorate when decorating. In fact, we can clean with scouring pad and cut the scouring pad so that it can be cleaned with louvers, which is very convenient.