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What Is Scouring Pad?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Probably many family people are not very clear about what kind of cloth is thick in their own home. In fact, it is a special cleaning function in the kitchen. The professional name is: scouring pad, scouring pad is a kind of traditional cleaning. The plastic fiber cleaning and maintenance tool evolved from the tool loofah. Its main maintenance target is the hard surface of sanitary ceramics, glass surfaces and other decorative materials.

The role of scouring pad:

1. A large amount of detergent can be stored through dense pores;

2, the fiber has a certain elasticity and toughness, can better remove dirt on the surface of the article by friction;

In use, the hardness of the scouring pad is lower than the hardness of the maintenance article. The size is generally 15×10×0.5 or 30×15×1. There are many specifications, which can be selected according to the needs. Wreck the scouring pad with no dripping water after use. After cleaning, clean the quilt cloth and let it dry.