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What Are The Points To Watch For The Magic Sponge?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

In our daily life, when using the magic sponge (magic magic wipe), we should pay attention to the following safety construction:


Usage (Please apply some magic water to the magic sponge before use)

1. Dip a little water into a semi-dry and wet form. If there is too much water, please gently press it to 5 minutes, do not screw!

2. The magic sponge is like the eraser of the primary school students. It can save the smallest piece, never waste, and is economical!

3. After the meal, the greasy dishes and tableware are recommended to be rinsed with water first, then the magic sponge is cleaned, so the effect is better!


Safety advice

1. The magic sponge is one of the nano sponges. It must not be swallowed. Do not put it in a place that children can reach. If you find that you have eaten it, please send it to the hospital for treatment.

2. Do not use it for human body cleaning to avoid damage to the skin;

3. The magic sponge will not produce foam during use, please use it with peace of mind (please refer to the following usage methods);

4. It is recommended that according to the different degree of dirt, it can be wiped and washed with a magic sponge of different size to save the use;

5. When cleaning the stubborn dirt, please wipe it according to the usual cleaning and applying force;