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Various Magical Uses Of Scouring Pads
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Tea stains are difficult to clean, and each time there will always be a little bit left, and the more they will accumulate in the evening, the final wash will not wash!

Opposite tea stains, scouring pads can be very handy! Put some detergent on the scouring pad, then wipe the cup wall, the tea stains are easily removed!

Hey, is the wall of the cup after the wipe become bright?

The effect of scouring pad can not be more than this. Wiping the chopping board with vinegar water on the scouring pad can not only be used for cleaning, but also the vinegar disinfection function can remove the odor of the chopping board.

Soak the scouring pad in the beer, wipe the sink after infiltration, and the stain on the sink is especially simple.

Due to the often wet water on the kitchen knife, it is very simple to rust. Soak the scouring pad and apply a small amount of toothpaste to the rust stain so that the rust spots can be eliminated.

At ordinary time, the residual powdery objects on the makeup brush are difficult to organize. Originally, we only need to sweep the makeup brush back and forth on the scouring pad, and the makeup brush will be clean!

In addition to finishing stains, scouring pads can also be used to clean vegetables and fruits! Wipe the fruit and the appearance of the cucumber with a scouring pad. These pitted places can be washed clean!

It is also very simple to remove the fruit wax on the fruit. Just put the fruit in the warm water of forty degrees and wipe it gently with a scouring pad.