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How To Identify The Quality Of Floor Mats
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The role of the floor mat is to protect the floor material instead of the usual floor material. The larger the area of the floor, the more it can control the floor pollution. The good floor mat only needs to take three steps to solve the problem. Many people today call what they lay on the ground "floor mats", but they don't have the effect of floor mats. When purchasing a mat, you can ask the supplier to provide a test pad and test it on the spot. Test the sand-scraping function of the floor mat, put some sand in front of the test pad, step on the sand after walking on the floor mat, and then step on the white paper. Observe whether there is still sediment on the white paper, if it is stated that the mat does not have the function of sand scraping. The dry and wet test methods are basically the same, except that the sediment is replaced by pollutants mixed with water, oil and sediment.

Such a test should not be done only once, and it needs to go up ten times in succession to prove the effect of having 10 consecutive people passing the floor mat. However, for the floor mat, only the following five basic requirements can be called "qualified" mats. Has a strong decontamination function: the role of the floor mat is that it can remove the dirt on the sole very well, so the decontamination performance is the fundamental criterion for measuring the quality of the floor mat. The dirt can be firmly locked to the root of the floor mat: no longer causing the second pollution, the dirt storage function is the basic requirement for the floor mat. Easy to maintain: A qualified floor mat requires only a small amount of water and electricity for regular cleaning and maintenance, and does not require a lot of manpower for maintenance. The mat is made of good material and durable: good mats will not only use environmentally friendly materials, but also make them durable.

It can be beautiful for a long time: it can be matched with the color style of the paving material on the ground to coordinate with the whole building. Therefore, the mat should have a variety of colors, and the camouflage design of the pattern has achieved the function of visually hiding. Avoid buying monochromatic floor mats to prevent the contaminants on the floor mats from damaging the overall aesthetics of the building.