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Cleaning Scouring Pads And Other Kitchen Washing Supplies
- Oct 23, 2018 -

There is always a dish cloth in every family. This is a must-have for the family. Every day, it is the “most intimate” contact with the kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils. It is always washed with kitchen scouring pad and other kitchen utensils. After cleaning the tableware and kitchen utensils, how to wash the scouring pad, it is difficult to wash with another piece of scouring pad, and then wash this piece, so cycle, when it is finished, how to properly clean the scouring pad and other washing products Our professional technicians explain the cleaning methods for the five cleaning cloths commonly used in the home:

1. scouring pad, made of nylon, polypropylene fiber and adhesive. Although wiping the tableware works well, because the chemical fiber is used as the material and wiped for a long time, some fine chemical fibers in the rag will stick to the tableware, so it will be consumed faster. After the usual use, wash with clean water or boil for a few minutes in boiling water, wring it out and put it in a ventilated place to dry;

2, is a white towel or mask such as cotton cloth as a rag, cleaning effect is very good, after all, cotton data adsorption is strong, it is easy to infect oil, become slippery, long time, it is a "hotbed" of mold, for Cotton dish cloth is best boiled in alkaline water, wring it out and put it in a ventilated place;

3, is a cotton towel dishcloth, looks like a sponge, in fact, is composed of polyvinyl alcohol polymer material, more elastic, anti-corrosion, strong water absorption, usually use more water to wash. A water-absorbent sponge rag is very difficult to clean thoroughly, so it is best to sterilize it once a week in a microwave oven;

4. It is a pure wood fiber dish cloth, which has strong hydrophilicity and oil discharge. It is suitable for washing oil pan and oil pan. When washing, the cloth is added with too much detergent, which is a better dish towel;

5, loofah wash dishes. Loofah is pure and non-polluting, it is easy to remove oil and water alkali, it is more suitable to clean iron pan and spatula. However, the loofah has a large hollow space, and the food residue will stick to it. It is not easy to clean, rinse with plenty of water, and then let it go through the storm to prevent mold.