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Avoid Secondary Pollution After Using Scouring Pad
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Do you know that secondary cleaning of the scouring pad after proper use will cause secondary pollution? After investigation and investigation by experts, it is found that improper use of scouring pad and dish cloth will cause secondary pollution. The main reason is that unclean scouring pad and dish cloth are stained with oil and easily breed bacteria. According to incomplete statistics, each 1 cc of scouring pad after 1-2 months of use, because the surface is contaminated with unclean oil, breeding at least 10,000 bacteria, especially in the summer, partly because of the poorly cleaned dish towel is more odor The use of such cleaning utensils not only fails to achieve the purpose of true cleaning, but also allows the tableware to be "cross-infected" due to contact with the dish towel/scouring pad during the washing process, which not only fails to clean, but is more likely to be cleaned. Secondary pollution caused by the retention of germs.

Therefore, we need to avoid the secondary infection caused by the scouring pad after the cloth is cleaned and the cloth is properly used again.

1. According to the test of our professional technicians, it is best to replace the scouring pad every 1 to 2 months to avoid excessive reproduction of bacteria;

2, after each use of scouring pad should be used for a few minutes with boiling water to play the role of sterilization and anti-virus;

3. Regularly place the scouring pad under the sun for exposure, so that the ultraviolet rays can completely eliminate the bacteria on the scouring pad;