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6 Small Tricks To Teach You The Flexibility To Use Scouring Pads
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The first trick: chopping board cleaning method

Wipe the chopping block with a green scouring pad and vinegar water. The cleaning effect is good. Because vinegar can remove the odor of the chopping board, especially when we cut the raw food with the chopping board, it is very necessary.


The second measure: sink cleaning tips

The cleaning of the sink can be done not only with a scouring pad, but also with a simple scouring pad. First, soak the scouring pad in the beer for some time, about a few minutes, then you can take it to clean the sink. The smudges in the sink wall are easily removed.


The third measure: the smoke removes the trick

The filter screen and fan blades in the hood can be easily removed with a purple scouring pad. The oil storage box can be cleaned with a little scouring pad and a little washing powder.


The fourth measure: bamboo chopsticks maintenance method

Usually used bamboo chopsticks, we can prevent mildew by boiling them in boiling water. In the end, it is still moldy, you can soak in the chili water with scouring pad, then you can wipe off the moldy chopsticks.


The fifth measure: cleaning fruits and fruits

It is to wet the scouring pad with water, and then clean the surface of the melon and fruit, you can wash the surface of the dust and dust, clean, good, and labor-saving.


Sixth trick: scouring rust removal method

Because the juice is often wet, it is easy to rust. We can rub a little bit of toothpaste on the scouring pad, then wipe the knife surface, and the rust will be removed immediately.