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Where should the floor mat be placed at the door?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The door is like a person's facade. As long as the treatment is good, it can bring a lot of face to the master. Therefore, a clean and tidy home will make people feel very happy. After a busy day outside, the exhibition of shoes back home must have a lot of dust and dirt, which requires a home door mat at home. He not only has a strong decorative function but also has a strong cleaning function. And in the rainy days, the shoes that are wet by the rain will always affect the beauty of the home when entering the house. The entrance door mats play a very important role here. So now there is a question worthy of everyone's consideration. Is the entrance door mat placed inside or outside the door? How to determine it?

1. If the entrance door mat is placed in the door, it will mainly block some relatively small dirt and dust. It can also be placed in the shoe-changing area to cool your feet, and there is double-layer protection, clean and hygienic. It is also very convenient when cleaning, and it can be cleaned up directly. If there are children or old people in the family, this will give them a stronger protection for their lives, but it is worth noting that there must be old people and children in the family, so you must choose a non-slip mat.

2, in life, we will always go in and out, then my door to the door is one of the necessary choices for home. Putting an entrance door mat at the gate can keep your home's floor clean and block some foreign dirt and dust. For you not to clean the house, it is better to put a doormat. Another year is worth noting. The door mat should be washed frequently, because it is a place that is warm and humid for some small bugs. After a long time, the number of bugs will increase. Not only does this bring suffocation in feng shui, it affects the fortune of the family.

3, the entrance door mat must choose a more dirt-resistant floor mat. And it can't be so troublesome to clean, but also wearable. In this case, it is more appropriate to choose a rubber floor mat.

In fact, the best option is to put a mat on the outside of the door and inside the door. And different areas in the home can be placed in different locations, can play a role in cleaning, not so hard for cleaning, choose a mat is still very good. Of course, you should take good care of this place in peacetime. After all, you can get better results by spending a little more effort.