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Use and usage of industrial scouring pads and precautions
- Oct 23, 2018 -

A hand polished

1. The paint surface sanding (hairing) is uneven:

Before the paint is applied, it is necessary to increase the roughness of the original surface and clean the poorly painted paint layer or aging layer. The purpose is to increase the adhesion of the paint and improve the surface consistency. Pulling is often an indispensable auxiliary process in the painting process. When the coated sandpaper of a certain size is selected, uneven grinding unevenness in a part of the area due to a large amount of force is often caused. Due to the different hardness of the paint surface and wood, the different quality of the coating process, and the texture of the back paint, this uneven phenomenon will result in quality problems in which the color and color depth are inconsistent on the final finished surface. The elastic structure of the scouring pad distributes the pressure evenly to the sanding area, which can solve this problem well. FIN or MED granularity is usually used. There are other similar uses such as substrate sanding, which is one of the most representative uses of scouring pads.

Solution Comments: The operator can also cut and tear the scouring pad into any shape according to the habit or shape of the workpiece. It is especially suitable for workpieces with partial unevenness, whether it is a door panel or a decorative strip.

2, cleaning is not complete:

It is mainly for the natural oxidation zone of metal and some natural oxidation zones, oil traces, corrosion, marking, etc., which are common auxiliary processes in MRO (maintenance, maintenance and operation). The most typical is to use a steel ball to remove the mark marked with paint or a marker, which often scratches the hand and the workpiece. With ordinary sandpaper, it tends to have a short life--oxide is very easy to block the sand surface. For example, after the oxide layer of aluminum alloy or copper alloy is formed, the metallic gloss is reduced by about 30-50%, and the white scouring cloth (such as 7447C) can be used to quickly restore the color of the metal body; using FIN granular white scouring cloth, The purpose of cleaning can be achieved, while preventing sanding and avoiding accidents. It is the most important feature to quickly restore metallic luster without damaging the surface.

Solution Comments: Quickly deoxidize without hurting the workpiece

3, the nozzle is not polished enough smooth lines are difficult to be clear and consistent:

Furniture support parts, structural parts or other decorative parts, there are some welds, cuts, rough grinding marks and even scratches at the nozzles. Ordinary sanding products cannot keep the finish and lines consistent with the main body. The usual remedy is that it takes time and effort to polish the nozzle and then use the polished product as a whole. In the use of medium-sized scouring pad, the method is operated, and the sand surface pressure is more evenly distributed to the surface of the pipe. The greater the grinding pressure, the clearer the line. For higher workpieces, it is also necessary to use VFN or SFN particle size scouring pad for polishing.

Solution Comments: Relative to one-hand operation, the focus is more uniform, and it is easy to ensure surface quality.

4, remove residual glue efficiency and poor results:

Residue removal has always been a headache. However, gluing is an intermediate process that is commonly used. For example, in the production stage of aluminum-plastic panels for construction (plastic steel), a film is used to protect the surface. When large-scale installation begins, it often happens that the film cannot be completely removed, or that stubborn residual rubber blocks remain on the surface, which affects the appearance; and, as in the stage of PCB, the glue is connected, and the residue on the lead frame needs to be removed. gum. Generally, sandpaper has a small gap between sands. When removing glue, colloidal molecules tend to stick to the sand surface and cause sand surface blockage; especially stubborn places, if it is polished many times, it is easy to injure other clean areas. If scouring pad is used, its open fiber structure is less prone to clogging, and no over-grinding can avoid the above problems.

Solution Comments: Relatively using a special degreased spray, the scouring pad solution is more cost-effective, and it is not easy to cause environmental pollution.

5, remove the burr is not clean or broken workpiece:

After casting or machining, there are often small burrs on the surface of the workpiece, especially the grooves or holes. The height of these burrs will be within 2-3mm, and the roots are relatively fragile. The traditional method uses sharp knives or scrapers. If the operation is careless, the workpiece will be scratched. During the assembly or use phase, the purpose of this process is to simply deburr without damaging the specific dimensions and treated surface. When using hard tools such as boring tools or coating products, it is often easy to “grind over the head”, causing the workpiece to be damaged or even scrapped. The use of FIN or VFN particle size scouring pads avoids unnecessary damage to the workpiece while avoiding annoying secondary burrs.

Solution Comments: Using the flexibility of the non-woven structure to quickly and safely remove the processing burrs

6, line processing uneven processing irregular parts difficult to handle:

Line processing, or wire drawing, is a common process requirement in the plumbing and cabinet industry. Especially for today's bathroom products, very popular brushed surfaces, such as faucet rotary switches. Coated abrasive belts are a common abrasive product. However, for spherical water buckets, pipe fittings, and wire drawing of workpieces with curved surfaces and profiled surfaces, the force is not enough to achieve the effect of consistent line patterns. For workpieces with both flat and curved parts, such as rectangular water buckets, hand-held wire drawing is useful. Wheel, but subject to curvature limitations. Part of the use of scouring pad with hand rest can improve the thickness, length and direction of the lines caused by uneven grinding pressure during large-area drawing. This is widely used in metal cabinet panel decoration. The type of abrasive used in scouring pad and the thickness of the fiber are factors that determine the characteristics of the line. Of course, the hardness and shape of the tray (considering the easy application of force), it is recommended that according to their actual situation, according to the surface shape and use habits of the workpiece, design the hand pallet that meets the process requirements of the factory. This will also greatly reduce the labor intensity.

Solution Review: Using the right hand support can help improve product quality, save time and effort