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The use of Steel Cleaning Ball and brush tools
- Dec 14, 2018 -

In the process of making the steel ball, the raw material has high zinc wire, which is not easy to be chipped, is not easy to be deformed, and has long service time and favorable price. The products we supply are transported by land transportation. Please pay attention to the logistics information in real time. If you find any damage to the items, you can contact our customer service directly, we will provide you with satisfactory solutions.

The steel ball is a tool for brushing the pot. Almost every home or office has a metal wire ball. On the surface of objects that are difficult to clean with rags and detergents, we all need the help of a steel ball to remove the dirt by the strong friction of the wire ball. The full name of the steel ball is a metal wire cleaning ball, which is generally used for household use of a spherical object formed by a fine steel wire which can strongly clean the surface of the object. It is a type of commonly used cleaning ball.

Use of steel balls

1. It is inseparable from cleaning and cleaning in public places such as hotels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

2. The construction site is used to clean the wall surface and the tile surface.

3. For some factories, the chemical plant must be used to remove rust, remove debris, remove debris, and clean grease. For some factories, it is also used for special effects such as filtering and silencing.

4. Some food factories and processing plants are used to remove the skin of the potato skin, the peel and the pig's head.