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The impact of scouring pads on our lives
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Scouring cloth, as we know it, because it is a dish cloth. Scouring cloth, also known as melon cloth, the most famous brand is Si Gao brand scouring pad, its English name: scouring pad. The amount of sand in the scouring pad determines its hardness and determines its suitability for that environment.


When we were young, we used the old cloth in our house to wash the dishes. We have been reluctant to lose it for a long time. But now, people are much better at this kind of health knowledge. We will always replace new small pieces of cloth. In recent years, scouring pads have gradually appeared in our lives and appeared on the shelves of supermarkets. Various types of scouring pads and brands have gradually increased, and the packaging forms are varied and dazzling. How to choose is another problem.


When I go to the supermarket, I always check the price of scouring pad from time to time. I always feel too expensive, which is beyond the scope of my personal purchase. This is so many people use it for a long time. This may also be closely related to our living habits. Compared with foreigners, they don't think so. They will use scouring pad as a one-time cleaning tool. This is one of the factors in the rapid development of the domestic scouring pad industry. This is a consumable, like a tissue, which is used and consumed every day.


However, the types of scouring pads have evolved in an endless stream, including sponge scouring pads (bonded with sponges), scouring pads (hardness), and industrial scouring pads. As a small tool for grinding, industrial scouring pads also play an important role in the industry.