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The efficacy of Red Floor Pad and how they are used
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Whether it is a family or some public places, sanitation is very important. Many floors or floors need to be cleaned regularly and kept clean. There are many cleaning products, and the red scouring pad is a kind of cleaning tool, mainly used to clean the ground.


When cleaning the floor, there are many cleaning tools that can be used, such as a rag, a mop, or a scrubber. However, the scrubber can also be used with red scouring pads when cleaning certain floors, such as those that are more prone to wear. The use of scouring pads can also reduce damage at the same time.


It can be seen that the red scouring pad is mainly used to clean the floor tiles and boards, and can also be decontaminated, waxed and polished to remove slight scratches and dirt, and can form a smooth and shiny bright surface. The ideal cleaning and polishing products.


When used, the red scouring pad is more in contact with the ground than the brush plate, and the cleanliness is relatively higher. However, the cleaning effect of using scouring pads and brush plates on many floors such as marble floors and concrete floors is similar, except that the protection effect of the scouring pad is larger than that of the brush plate, so the specific use of the scouring pad should be based on actual needs. Look.