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The dual function of Printed Scouring Pad Sponge
- Nov 28, 2018 -

Printing sponge scouring pad has special advantages, and its double-sided can achieve different use effects. It is widely used in kitchen cleaning occasions such as cleaning dishes, pots, and wiping stoves. It is precisely because the printed sponge scouring pad bonds the scouring pad and the sponge together to provide double cleaning.


The sponge surface of the printed sponge scouring pad is specially made of soft and delicate material, and the pores are developed. As long as a little detergent can produce rich instant noodles. The sponge surface is suitable for cleaning some easy-to-clean flat dirt, and the soft surface does not harm the items being cleaned. The scouring pad can be used to clean some deep dirt and has strong friction.


This is because the scouring pad of the printed sponge scouring pad is made of a high-strength, elastic material and has high temperature and corrosion resistance. The porous open fiber structure absorbs more dirt and prevents dirt from accumulating on the surface and cannot be removed. At the same time, this structure is also easy to be cleaned by water to avoid mildew and odor, which makes the decontamination process more efficient and sanitary.http://www.cnwlhcn.com/