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The daily magic of Grooved Sponge
- Dec 01, 2018 -

Use a slotted sponge brush to apply a little detergent to the bowl. You don't need to touch the oil directly with your hands. The sponge has strong water absorption. It is easy to drain after washing. You don't have to use the dishwashing detergent to go again. Cleaning is simply a good helper for dishwashing. In addition to being used to clean dishes, slotted sponge brushes have many other uses.


The fan's cover will slowly turn black after a long period of use. These tiny gaps will accumulate a lot of dust and stains over time. The rag can only wipe off the dust on the surface, but the dust caught in the gap can only be removed by the fan cover before it can be cleaned with a brush. Just use a knife to draw a few knives on the soft side with a knife, and the sponge brush becomes a one-piece shape. When we clean the surface of the fan with water and detergent, we can easily remove the dust from the gap.


In addition, the water pipe dirt is not cleaned after being clogged. At this time, we only need to take the green upper part of the slotted sponge brush with a knife and then fold the part into a size just enough to be stuffed into the water pipe. After plugging, connect one end of the water pipe to the faucet to release the water. This part of the sponge brush will absorb the water, and then drain the dirt together with the water flow, so that the water pipe is not cut.