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The advantages of sponge scouring pad
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Usually, we buy a pack of sponge scouring pad in the supermarket. What are the advantages of it? Why is it popular with the market and consumers? In China, the use of scouring pad is also a matter of recent years, and it is felt that it is accepted at once.

1. Sponge scouring pad has double-sidedness, one side can scrub the hard objects of kitchen utensils and tableware, and the other side can wipe off the oil stain;

2, it is easy to clean itself, not afraid of dirty;

3, can be used at the same time, first wash the hard object with one side of the scouring pad, and then apply the detergent to the side of the sponge to remove the oil;

4, save detergent;

5, scouring pad water resistant, oil resistant;

6, the price is cheap;

7, secondary bacteria are small, is a healthier way;