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Raw material characteristics and cleaning range of Cellulose Sponge Scouring Pad
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The raw material of wood pulp cotton scouring pad is pure plant material, honeycomb sponge, atmospheric pore design, strong water absorption and more drainage. The water is almost drained by hand, and after rapid drying, the bacteria have no breeding environment. After the corresponding water absorption, drainage and durability tests, it was also proved that wood pulp cotton scouring pad is superior to ordinary sponge scouring pad.

Wood pulp cotton scouring pads can be used on both sides, and the back sides of different grinding degrees determine where they are suitable for use. For example, fine grinding, suitable for glass, non-stick pan, furniture dust removal and decontamination, waxing floor cleaning. This scouring pad is very delicate, super good foaming, clean and expensive tableware is fast and labor-saving, and will not scratch.

The powerfully ground wood pulp cotton scouring pad has strong friction and strong decontamination, and is more suitable for kitchen cleaning oil stains, dishwashing water stains, dish stubborn oil stains, brush iron pans, stoves, etc., and decontamination is also more labor-saving. The finished kitchen utensils will shine. In addition to these classifications, wood pulp scouring pad also has a magical effect, that is, using wood pulp cotton scouring cloth as a soap box, the soap does not slip and does not fall, the soap is long-lasting and dry, and it will not be wet and soft.