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Operation method and advantage of maroon hand pad
- Dec 26, 2018 -

After the maroon hand pad is brushed, it can be effectively pressed with a facial tissue or a cotton pad with a finger to let the water drain, but remember not to twist the bristles, otherwise the bristles will be damaged and the structure of the bristles will be loose. Hair removal.

The maroon hand pad needs to be naturally dried. Never use a hair dryer to dry it. It should not be dried in the sun. Otherwise, the brush material may be damaged. The chestnut hand-grinding pot brush effectively removes the brush from the bottom of the pot.

Method of operating maroon hand pad

1. Use vinegar to soak for a long time, so that it will be soaked for a long time, and it will be washed once.

2. Pour the ash (mosquito ash, cigarette ash, incense ash) in a black place, find an ordinary scouring pad, wipe it with a little bit of water, and the dirt is easily wiped off. Easy, environmentally friendly and save money.

3. If you accidentally paste the pot when cooking, there is a pot at the bottom of the pot. If it is not easy to brush off, you can pour a little white wine and beer with a small amount of water (1:1:0.5), and cover it for 5 minutes. It is easy to brush clean.