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Multi-Flex Abrasive Sheet process
- Jan 12, 2019 -

When making a Multi-Flex Abrasive Sheet, it is first necessary to melt each component polymer through a screw extruder to form a fiber melt; the components are contained in parts by mass: 60-90 parts of polyamide fiber, carbon fiber (PAN) 20-30 parts, metal fibers 0.5-1.0 parts.


Then, the fiber melt is ejected into a fibrous shape through a spinning hole, and is formed into a fine short fiber under the high-speed hot air flow of 13000 m/min; at the same time, a short fiber is required to be sprayed to improve the abrasion resistance; For the number of parts, take epoxy resin: 30-50 parts, curing agent: 6-15 parts, abrasive: 20-45 parts, toughening agent: 3-4 parts, 1-3 parts of silane coupling agent, after mixing evenly Spray short fibers through a spray device.


When the short fibers are adsorbed on the web curtain, the fibers are condensed into a fine roll. Of course, in this process, a fine-throwing manufacturing equipment is indispensable, which consists of a suction port, a spring buckle, a fuselage, a feed port, a spray device, a spray inlet, and a melt-blown die.