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Is the scouring pad the thicker the better?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

First of all, you have to be clear: the cleaning ability of scouring pad is not from its own thickness, but from decontamination particles. The scouring pad should have high-quality decontamination particles. Secondly, the distribution of decontamination particles in the production process should be deep and even, so as to ensure the cleaning ability is efficient and durable; if there is no special high-quality decontamination particles, or can not be removed The distribution of the dirt particles is even and uniform, and the thick scouring pad is also of no practical use. In addition, the excessively thick scouring pad is not convenient for our daily cleaning.

So how is scouring pad clean? After we have used it, rinse it with water and the dirt will be washed out. If the scouring pad has been used for a while, you can also use ordinary detergent to heat the water and wash it.

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