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How to use a scouring pad to clean tea sets
- Oct 23, 2018 -

Most people nowadays drink tea to entertain and make friends. The best way to chat is to drink tea, but the tea after washing is a part of the headache. Because time has passed, the tea traces will stick to the surface of the tea set, and it will not be erased over time. However, you can use scouring pad to clean, and each time you wash the tea set can not exceed 4 hours, try to reduce the stay time of the tea scale.


First, rinse the tea set with water. If the tea set has been left for too long and has not been cleaned, then the tea set should be soaked in water. The best method is hot water.


Next, wipe the surface of the tea set with a scouring pad, first gently scrub it. If it can be easily scrubbed, do not use excessive force. For a long time, the tea scale can be scrubbed with force to achieve clean purpose.


We can also add some detergent to assist, and then rinse it again with water several times. Clean and new tea sets will appear in front of us. Cleaning the tea set with scouring pad is more effective than ordinary rag. If you don't believe it, you can try it!