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Grey hand pad repair and cleaning
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The grey hand pad is continuously depleted during the grinding process, and its new grinding ore is naturally formed to provide consistent processing quality for the workpiece. The grey hand pad is mainly applied to the surface of metal, wood and other materials. Coating treatment, cleaning, polishing, descaling, deburring and other mechanical maintenance and cleaning, high-quality appearance decorative line processing.

The grey hand pad has a high-quality decorative line pattern, which can provide decorative lines on the surface of various materials during operation, such as stainless steel surface decorative treatment, antique copper decoration and so on. Deburring, polishing, descaling, cleaning, can completely remove the rust, dirt, and scale deposits on the surface of various materials.

In general, the kitchen cleaning products for civilian white scouring, including scouring pad, sponge scouring pad and multi-purpose cleaning brush, can be used together with cleaning liquid to completely remove stubborn stains for cleaning. Washing dishes, absolutely does not damage the surface of the object, durable, is a new generation of cleaning appliances.