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General Purpose Hand Pad features and use requirements
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The general hand-grinding piece is made of high-quality raw materials. The original formula has been scientifically adjusted through market feedback. At the same time, advanced technology has been introduced, and the weak links that are not wear-resistant in practical use have been repeatedly practiced and summarized. On this basis, The produced products have good softness, which can make the stone surface quickly reach a good bright gloss.


The general hand grinder is mainly used for polishing the corners, inner arcs and outer arcs of shaped stones such as granite and marble; it has good sharpness, fast grinding speed, fast glazing and high luminosity; Further improvement, long service life, and comprehensive "cost-effective".


When using the general hand-polished polishing machine, pay attention to the speed; it is best to use different colors of stone for different sizes of water-grinding tablets; there are many kinds of particle sizes, different particle sizes are distinguished by different colors; general hand-grinding tablets are convenient and fast. , the product can be used by sticking it to the connector.