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Flannel Toilet-Seat Cover bid farewell to the cold toilet
- Jan 30, 2019 -

The flannel toilet cover is made of furry styling. It feels very soft and comfortable after sitting on it. The design of the toilet pad is more convenient and practical. Suitable for four seasons sticker toilet seat cushions, flannel toilet seats are available in three different thickness specifications, which can be changed with the season to meet the requirements of different users.


The flannel toilet lid is individually coloured to make the toilet seat look cleaner and more comfortable, making it easier to use. And it can be used repeatedly to bring care to the family, protect the family, and also decorate the bathroom space to add color to the home life. Flannel is a woven woolen fabric with a smudged pattern of mixed-colored carded yarn. The surface of the flannel is covered with a layer of full and fine fluff, without texture and soft and smooth.


In short, the flannel toilet cover looks more beautiful overall, easy to install and use, can be used throughout the autumn and winter, can effectively fit the toilet seat, exquisite workmanship. Intensive sucking molecules can be washed repeatedly without affecting the effect of use, without worrying about deformation or water permeability.