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Family cleaning tips
- Oct 23, 2018 -

The kitchen windows are always greasy

It's not easy to wipe the glass in the kitchen. Don't worry, just a few sheets of plastic wrap.

Spray the cleaner on the window and cover with a layer of plastic wrap. After 15 minutes, the plastic wrap was torn off, and the window was wiped again with a dry cloth. It was easy, and the greasy window became shiny.

Clean gas stove

The dust on the gas stove is brushed with scouring pad and decontamination solution, and it is not necessary to thoroughly clean it. Here is a method: replace the decontamination liquid with flour (the flour tube is low-gluten, medium-gluten, high-gluten) Use a scouring pad to rub the flour to wipe off the grease.

Clean yellow stains

Without any bleach, you can make the yellow stains on cotton clothes (such as baby clothes with feces) become white and bright again.

The method is: find a sunny day, put all the clothes on the lawn, then use the water pipe to wet the clothes, let the sun shine it, halfway to remember to water from time to time, let the clothes always insist on moist (mainly ).

After 40 minutes of sun exposure, the clothes will become as white as new. This is the use of sunlight and water to produce ozone, allowing the clothes to naturally bleach.

Clean cutting board

Wet the cutting board, then sprinkle a thin layer of table salt on the cutting board, brush it carefully with a brush, and then rinse it with water for half an hour. It can also kill most bacteria.

Dealing with the problem of the toilet being blocked

The usual reaction is to quickly buy a bottle of corrosive hydrochloric acid and the like. In fact, there is a simpler, more economical, safe and useful method, that is, using a pot of ice cubes weighing about one kilogram into the toilet, and then pressing the water button, by the force of water and ice, any blockage of debris It can be washed down without polluting.

In addition, use the toilet to clear the agent: spray the toilet spirit (perhaps 84 disinfectant) into the toilet, cover the toilet cover for a few hours, then wash it with water, and keep the toilet clean and smooth.

Cleaning gauze

Adding a few filter tips to the soapy water used to clean the gauze will be amazingly good.