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Excellent performance of Non-Abrasive Scouring Pad Sponge
- Nov 23, 2018 -

Sand-free sponge scouring pad has many special properties that are not available in sandpaper, abrasive cloth, etc., and has an extremely long service life. The sand-free sponge scouring pad is soft and suitable for grinding and rust-removing workpieces of various shapes, so it is used more and more widely.


In practical applications, this sand-free sponge scouring pad does not cause damage to the surface of the object, and while maintaining cleanliness, it can also reduce the side effects on the cleaning surface. For the working environment, it can maintain a safe, comfortable, low dust, no noise and good working atmosphere. The scouring pad is water and oil resistant, so it can maintain a good cleaning effect in water and oil.


Currently, scouring products on the market include many different materials, and different products can be selected according to their actual use. Among them, the sand-free sponge scouring pad is commonly used. The products are widely used in decoration, metal polishing and daily washing, and are new products that are widely used in the market.http://www.cnwlhcn.com/