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Different 8698 green pads and their advantages
- Dec 20, 2018 -

The 8698 green pad is mainly used as a cleaning tool for cleaning and waxing the floor and floor tiles. It can be divided into three colors, white, black and red. The functions of different colors of scouring pads are also different.

The role of different 8698 green pads

White film is widely used in the waxing and decontamination of ceramic polished tiles, and is a waxing consumable for the line polishing brick waxing machine. It is now gradually entering the floor and floor tiles of ordinary households. Suitable for medium soft floor polishing. The red sheet is used to remove minor scratches and dirt, resulting in a smooth, shiny finish. It is an ideal product for daily cleaning and polishing.

8698 green pad advantage

The black sheet has strong grinding force, wear resistance and durability, and is mainly used for decontamination of the ground. It is the first stage used to start grinding. Designed for heavy duty wet waxing. Effectively removes wax, stains and smooth finishes.