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Convenience with Abrasive Scouring Pad Sponge
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Sand-containing sponge scouring pad is made of scouring pad and sponge. Therefore, the product has two functions at the same time. It can remove stubborn dirt and clean high-grade utensils. It is suitable for cleaning general kitchen utensils and bathroom facilities. Sand-containing sponge scouring pad is a product made of scouring pad (polyester fiber) bonding sponge. The scouring pad is rough on one side and is suitable for cleaning dirt that is difficult to clean.


The other side of the sand-containing sponge scouring pad is made of sponge material, which has soft performance, so that it does not damage the surface of the kitchenware when cleaning, and the tableware can be easily washed together. Sponge scouring pad is also divided into a lot of quality, high-density sponge, good pull, good elasticity, super durable, and then bonded scouring pad (sand scouring pad) is a high-end practical product, generally The sponge is more than 22 densities is good.


Sand-containing sponge scouring pad has strong decontamination ability, so it can remove many dirt that can not be erased by traditional sponges, especially for stains on uneven surface. Its magical super decontamination brings endless convenience to our daily lives.http://www.cnwlhcn.com/