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Characteristics and Typical Application of 96 Nylon Scouring Pad
- Jan 28, 2019 -

96# nylon scouring pad is made of non-woven nylon fiber bottom layer and injected synthetic resin and matte. The matte material is usually alumina, silicon carbide or zirconia. It is a three-dimensional material with development and elastic structure. Its unique structure makes it effective for heat dissipation and avoids discoloration and deformation caused by overheating during workpiece processing.


96# nylon scouring pad is made of special fiber and has a unique open mesh three-dimensional structure. One of its characteristics is elastic grinding, which can effectively prevent excessive cutting and scratching of the surface of the workpiece, and is cold cutting. The unique structure effectively dissipates heat and avoids discoloration and deformation due to overheating during workpiece processing.


In practical applications, 96# nylon scouring pad is mostly used for paint surface treatment, including coatings on the surface of materials such as metal grade wood, such as lacquer and primer, which enhance the adhesion between the coatings. Effectively extend the life of the coating. It can also be used for high-quality decorative line processing, which can provide decorative lines on a variety of material surfaces, such as stainless steel surface decorative treatment, antique copper decoration and so on.