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Application range and characteristics of Pur Coating Sponge
- Nov 26, 2018 -

The coated sponge scouring pad uses a special fiber as the substrate, and the finished product has a special open mesh three-dimensional structure. The surface treatment effect is uniform, smooth, beautiful, anti-clogging and long service life. The product adopts elastic grinding, which does not change the appearance of the workpiece. The working environment is safe and comfortable, low dust and no noise.


At present, the coated sponge scouring pad can be used for the lacquer treatment, and after treatment, the adhesion between the coatings is obviously strengthened, thereby effectively prolonging the life of the coating. At the same time, it can also be cleaned, polished, derusted and deburred. It can completely remove the dirt, rust and scale deposits on the surface of various materials. Widely used in mechanical maintenance and cleaning, bead cleaning, cutting trace cleaning, deburring and so on.


Coated sponge scouring pad provides a safe and non-polluting environment. This product can be used for cleaning, descaling and other surfaces of different materials. This is very convenient for the user, while the coated sponge scouring pad is easy to use and extremely durable.http://www.cnwlhcn.com/