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Advantages and production principle of car wash sponge brush
- Jan 04, 2019 -

Car wash sponge brush is the best tool for car wash. It is mainly used because it will not scratch the surface of your car. The towel can also be washed, but you often find that there are many drops of water when cleaning the car. It is dirty, the car wash window glass is even worse, how can it be not clean first, right? Because the window glass is washed with a scraper for scraping glass, it is sold in the supermarket. The scraping glass is very clean and bright.

Car wash sponge brush is very easy to use, the cleaning effect is very good. Non-toxic nano-sponge is the principle of melamine foam production: micro-molecular micro-money. A foam structure consisting of one-tenth of a million particles of hair. The adsorption capacity is particularly strong. Soak in the water, do not need to twist, the dirt can be dissolved by itself.

The main component of the car wash sponge brush is melamine and resin. The biggest difference from the traditional cleaning sponge is the physical decontamination. The nano-scale capillary opening structure in the sponge is used to automatically absorb the stain on the surface of the object during the wiping process.