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Advantages and characteristics of Melamine Sponge to ordinary sponge
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The ordinary cleaning sponge on the market is directly cut and packaged, which is easy to break and easy to deform when used; easy to chip off and wear fast; the product tastes heavy, the hand feel is poor, and it is difficult to adapt to the user's habit. Melamine cotton is different. It is specially processed and further processed to improve product density and physical properties. It has higher density, better flexibility, more wear resistance, durability, easier use and better hand feeling.

The melamine cotton has an opening ratio of more than 95%, so that the sound wave can enter the inside of the foam conveniently and quickly, and the vibration energy of the mesh can be consumed and absorbed, and the reflected wave can be quickly attenuated; The grid structure blocks the convective heat transfer of the air.

Melamine cotton is suitable for long-term operation under the conditions of 200-240 ° C, no volatilization and deformation below 400 °. Its stable chemical structure and cross-linking system make it unique chemical stability, fully meet the national green environmental standards, and is widely used in household cleaning.