Commercial Scouring Pad

  • Black Floor Pad

    Black Floor Pad

    Black Floor Pads quickly and thoroughly remove old finish, dirt and buildup. Each pad is made of nylon and polyester fibers in an open textured, nonwoven construction for efficient performance.Read More
  • Blue Floor Pad

    Blue Floor Pad

    Blue Floor Pad features an excellent level of aggressiveness to protect floors during wet, medium-duty scrubbing. Durable, quality fibers provide long-lasting performance.Read More
  • Red Floor Pad

    Red Floor Pad

    Red Floor Pad features a versatile design that's perfect for dry buffing, spray buffing or light-duty scrubbing. Open web design allows dirt to collect between the fibers for more efficient use.Read More
  • White Floor Pad

    White Floor Pad

    White Floor Pad is designed for dry polishing and can be used with a fine water mist to create a higher gloss. Fiber denier is made with heavier fibers to provide long-lasting performance.Read More
  • Floor Maintenance Pads

    Floor Maintenance Pads

    Description : Throughout the years of involvement in the business, we have possessed the capacity to furnish the clients with a shocking grouping of Floor Cleaning Pads specifically planned, this offered reach is utilized as a part of different business and non-business...Read More
  • Blue Floor Cleaning Pad

    Blue Floor Cleaning Pad

    Description: Diamond tools, appropriate for cutting, drilling, polishing and grinding in a wide variety of construction materials. In order to avoid problems, we should choosing the right products and machines, doing periodic maintenance of equipments and operating strictly...Read More
  • Non-woven Floor Pad

    Non-woven Floor Pad

    Description : Made of 100% polyester fibre that comes from 100% post consumer and industrial recycled waste product these pads are formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time it takes conventional pads once discarded into an active landfill. The construction is an open...Read More
  • Black Strip Floor Pad

    Black Strip Floor Pad

    Description : Designed for complete coating and sealer removal. This aggressive strip pad is uniformly coated with a long lasting abrasive, which is chemical resistant to stripper solutions. Removes hard to remove coating and seals when used with recommended strippers. Very...Read More
  • White Polishing Pad

    White Polishing Pad

    This White Polishing Pad is the softest pad. There are no aggressive particles in this pad. It will not scratch any floor surface. Before using this or any pad, you should sweep or vacuum to remove loose particles.Read More
  • Cleaning Floor Pad

    Cleaning Floor Pad

    Cleaning Floor Pad is designed specifically for daily light wet cleaning with an autoscrubber or low speed scrubber before burnishing.Read More
  • Natural Multipurpose Floor Pad

    Natural Multipurpose Floor Pad

    Natural Multipurpose Floor Pad features rubberized binders and a blend of natural hair and synthetic fibers to offer excellent wash ability.Read More
  • 96 Nylon Scouring Pad

    96 Nylon Scouring Pad

    Heavy-duty 96 Nylon Scouring Pads power through the toughest cleaning jobs! Designed for removing tough grease, dirt, and grime in kitchens, baths, and so much more.Read More
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